Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall 2010 Fashion Trends: Fab or Fail? Part 1

This fall there are a plethora of trends, so this post will be split into two parts.

Some of these trends are Fabulous and some just Fail...

Edge: FAB, with caution
Edge is in.
Some studs and zippers here, some black and exposed seams there and a little leather is ok... but don't overdo it.
We want tasteful Rihanna edge, not Edward Scissorhands.


Military jackets: FAB
Military jackets are very structured and the shiny buttons/studs and sculptured cuts can add great interest to an otherwise plain outfit.
Ex: Rock this jacket with a tee and jeans and you go from casual to casual cool.

For hijabis, you can wear a military jacket with a great long skirt plus a tee underneath, worn open or closed. Or, throw it on over a long dress or abaya.

Leather: FAB, with caution
Leather bomber jackets and accessories like gloves, shoes and purses are popping up everywhere.
Bomber jackets look great with jeans and layered over tops of the same length or hip length.
For hijabis, rock a bomber jacket, again, with a long skirt or long dress or abaya. If you are lucky enough to find a cropped leather jacket,you can wear it with a long top and pants or a hip length top and a long skirt.

WARNING: Never, ever, do to much leather because it tends to look too severe.
A leather jacket and leather gloves is ok but not a leather jacket and leather pants.

Bib necklaces: FAB,with caution
They look like bibs, but are definitely not for babies.
These style of necklaces come in many different variations and will spice up any ensemble and bring attention up towards the face.

Hijabis should definitely rock these too. They look great with a tucked headscarf or tneck and wrapped/bun scarf style.

WARNING: Be sure not to wear long,large statement earrings with this necklace to avoid competing accessories. Bib necklaces are a great statement piece, so keep other accessories such as earrings, headbands and bracelets simple and minimal.

BOOTS:FAB, mostly
Boots, boots, boots! What is fall without fabulous boots?
This fall we are experimenting with boots in different rises and styles: from thigh-high to ankle to rain boots as well as different embellishments like buckles, studs and fabrics like suede.

All Boots Warning:
Socks should not be visible when wearing any type of boots, it's very very tacky.

Thigh High and Knee High Boot: FAB, with caution

Thigh high and knee high boots look great with short dresses and tights (dresses coming to just above or at the knee) or with mid thigh length or shorter dresses/shirts paired with leggings or slim-fitting jeans tucked inside.

WARNING: If you are short,you don't want to do thigh-high boots with jeans and a short shirt because your body will be out of proportion and make you look shorter/stumpier; always opt for a shirt/dress that is on the longer side for thigh highs or just wear knee-high boots instead.

WARNING:If you are top heavy and have an inverted triangle figure (your top half is larger in comparison to your bottom half) then you do not want to do the boots of any rise,- tucked-into-slim pants/jeans or leggings look at all.
Why? Instead of a slimming/more streamlined look, you will create an unflattering, unbalanced, disproportionate shape; stick with wider leg pants and jeans with boots, untucked, for a more flattering, balanced look.

Is it for Hijabis? Sorry ladies, you might have to skip the slim jeans/pants tucked into fitted boots look, for all body types, for one simple reason:
Slim cut jeans/pants tucked into fitted boots = Entire shape of leg exposed.
If you tried to wear wide leg or straight leg jeans tucked into fitted boots, or bunched at the top of the boot, it would look sloppy.

We can still wear those cute thigh-high and knee high boots, just wear them with straight leg/wide leg pants or jeans or long skirts and dresses, untucked, or wear them at private events in the nonhijabi style mentioned above.

Wellies: FAB
Wellies/Wellingtons/Galoshes are simply stylish rainboots available in many different colors and patterns.
You can wear them to keep your feet dry on a rainy day.

It is just practical to tuck your pants/jeans into a pair of Wellies on a rainy day or snow boots on a snowy day so that you don't end up with completely soaked pants/jeans when reaching your destination.

Hijabis, these kind of boots are not fitted to the leg like regular boots are, so there will still be a degree of looseness if you decide to tuck the pants/jeans(which should be a loose cut) in.
However, do what is comfortable for you.

Flat Ankle Boots: FAIL
These are a fail because no matter how you wear them, they just look bad.
The flatness of the boot combined with the shortness of the rise makes it look silly like a costume peasant shoe, similar to Quasimodo the Hunchback's shoes. It just doesn't work.

Ankle Boots with Heels: FAB, with caution
Heeled ankle boots, on the other hand, made of materials such as leather are ok because they look like actual everyday shoes.
Trying wearing these boots with straight leg, wide leg or skinny pants and jeans. They also look great only with dresses that fall above the knee or past the ankle, nothing that falls "in between".

WARNING: Do not wear these boots with skirts and dresses that are in the "in between" lengths or cropped/capri/"highwater" pants/jeans, because it will look awkward.

Hijabis, wear this kind of boots with pretty much anything because the pants/jeans, skirts and dresses that you wear will be long in length (at or past the ankle) so it will look great!

Sweater boots: FAIL
Sorry friends, these boots are a No.
I feel the same way about sweater boots that I feel about regular Uggs:
They look like animal feet.
Your feet should be able to look just as cute as the rest of your outfit when the temperature goes down, and these boots are just not flattering on the feet.

Hijabis: Same deal, ladies.

Sweater dresses: FAB
Sweater dresses are so warm, yet so fabulous. They are the perfect stylish alternative to the warm oversized grandma sweater or tacky sweaters with holiday decorations.
Rock these dresses,belted or not belted, in cold weather over jeans or leggings (with leggings only if the dress comes down to the knee or just above the knee) tucked into knee high or thigh high boots, or untucked.

For hijabis, rock these dresses belted or not belted, under a cardigan or jacket of the same length for ones that are very fitted, or without for the ones that are looser , paired with straight leg or wide leg pants and a great pair of shoes (not tucked into boots).
Also, sweater dresses tend to be long (as in falling just above or at the knee), so you may not want to wear them with a skirt to avoid looking too short or frumpy.

Animal print: FAB, with caution
Animal print can be very fabulous or very tacky, so you have to be careful.
To wear animal print, you can only wear it 1-2 ways,lightly, of the same print,paired with either all neutrals or a neutral and a bright color.

Ex: Zebra print dress, red pumps and zebra print headband, YES.
Zebra print dress,red pumps with zebra print purse, NO.
Ex: Leopard print pumps, darkwash jeans, brown tee YES.
Leopard print coat, leopard print pumps. NEVER.

Bodysuits/Leotards: FAIL, mostly

It wasn't cute when people wore them in the 80's and it's still not cute now.
A leotard and tights or leggings is not an outfit.

These pieces are just not appropriate to wear unless you are doing ballet or some other form of physical activity that requires this kind of attire in that setting.

If you are wearing a bodysuit/leotard as a top with a skirt or jeans, then it might be ok.
Otherwise, please leave them alone.

Hijabis: I think you know the answer to this one.

Part 2 of Fall 2010 Fashion Trends coming soon, stayed tuned!


Yvonne Maffei, My Halal Kitchen said...

I love my wellies, Hanifah! Thanks for these great tips and congrats on your beautiful blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ugly boot opinion!!! I did like them but some people swear they are comfy....well so are my granny pj's but i try not to leave the house with them on! (kidding!)

Hanifah Abdul-Baqi said...

Aren't they great!
Thank you so much for the encouragement, much appreciated.

No problem! Yeah, we just can't wear everything that's out there lol.

ZM said...

The Edward scissor hand bit is hilarious lol I love this post!! Great job very informative! Could you write a piece on fall patterns and textiles like stripes, lace, etc.

Hanifah Abdul-Baqi said...

Lol glad you enjoyed it Zahiyah.
Sure, I'll see what I can do, thanks so much for the feedback!

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