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Fall 2010 Fashion Trends: Fab or Fail? Part 2

Part 2 of Fall 2010 Fashion Trends begins!

Again, some were fabulous and some just failed...

Grey is one of those shy colors that people tend to stay away from because it looks "boring". But, what people don't realize is that grey is a powerful neutral that can be worn in many ways, all year 'round. Paired with great colors like white, purple, black and blue, you can have subtle chic.

Can hijabis rock it? Definitely.

Plaid: FAB, with caution

Taking cues from country style, plaid is very in this season in the form of shirts and shirtdresses.
The key to plaid is to do it in doses to avoid looking like you are wearing pajamas.

A plaid shirt with some jeans and a plaid headband is ok.
A plaid shirtdress with knee boots and a plaid bag would be too much.

What about hijabis? Definitely. You could rock a plaid headscarf, a plaid long skirt,a plaid shirtdress with jeans, even a plaid long dress.
Again, just don't do too much of it.

Hats/Headdresses:FAB, with caution
This season, fedoras, pageboy hats,berets and headdresses in different patterns and colors are what's in.
Headwear can be a tricky accessory to pull off, but you can do it.

For hats like fedoras, pageboys and berets, you want to make sure you have a relatively flat simple hairstyle such as a low bun or ponytail, all of your hair down etc.

As far as colors and pattern, try to pick something that will go with your outerwear and/or with most outfits; neutrals like black, tan and white or monochromatic color patterns are safe choices, but bright colors like red work great too.

What kinds of outfits should I wear these hats with?
Hats like pageboys, fedoras, berets etc are usually great for casual outfits but may also look good with other types of outfits. Wearing a fedora with a ballgown would look strange, but a fedora with a tailored pantsuit would be amazing.

However, for headdresses, you can rock those with any kind of outfit. A scarf wrapped gypsy style or turban style could be casual or formal with a simple change in fabric.

Seriously, hijabis and hats...? Yes!
We already have the headdresses down pat with all of the many different scarf styles out there, just throw a hat on top.

Make sure you have a relatively flat hairstyle as well as scarf style so that the hat will sit firmly on your head. Also,keep the colors and patterns in hat, headscarf and rest of outfit matching or complimentary to each other.

Ex: A black fedora and a black printed headscarf with a denim jacket and a black long dress or abaya.
Ex: A navy blue printed pageboy, white headscarf with a red shirtdress and wide leg blue jeans.

Cutout dresses:FAIL
I appreciate the effort to change up the little black, red or whatever color dress.
But, it just does not look good to wear a dress that looks like a 2yr old got to it with a pair of scissors when their parents were not looking.
A dress with purposeful transparency is ok if it is has a lining, but seeing bare skin in certain areas isn't ok; it is inappropriate and gives the wrong message.

Hijabis: Do we even need to go there?

Minidresses: FAB, with extreme caution

It was hot in Fall 07 and still is now.
However, you have to be very careful how you wear them.

Minidresses tend to be very short, hence the name, therefore,it would be a good idea to get a dress that falls at or just above the knee, if you are going to wear it by itself. If it is shorter, consider wearing it with leggings or slim/skinny cut pants/jeans as not to expose your unmentionables to the world.
Acessories like belts,statement necklaces long or short and long statement earrings look great with these dresses, play with it!

Is this for hijabis? It's possible.
Wearing minidresses, belted or not belted, under a cardigan or jacket of the same length, making sure that the cardigan isn't too fitted would work, if you are comfortable trying the look.

One-shoulder tops and dresses: FAB, with some caution
This style saves on fabric for sleeves, but is also very elegant and fashion-forward.
If you are an individual that is uncomfortable with their arms, this style is not for you. But,if you are ok with your arms, go for it!
One-shoulder tops and dresses look especially well with long statement earrings.

However, do not do a short necklace AND long statement earrings, because your accessories will be competing and the necklace will take away from the glamour of the one-shoulder feature.

Hijabi? Sure, the looser ones. This style top or dress will look best with long sleeve shirts, tnecks specifically, versus a cardigan to highlight the one shoulder style.

Fur: FAB, with caution
Whether real or faux is your style, you can rock it fabulously.
This fall we've got lots of fur, especially in the way of vests .

As with animal print, be cautious with fur and do it minimally.
A great vest shouldn't overwhelm you, it should fit. If it's falling off of your shoulders, it doesn't fit.

Wear a fur vest (hip length or above the knee), belted or not belted,with a long sleeved tee and jeans or knee length skirt, or with a long sleeved knee or above knee length dress.

Hijabis and Fur? Yup. Wear it belted or not belted, with a long top with wide leg/straight leg jeans/pants, with a top and a long skirt or a long dress. The vest should be hip length for dresses and skirts and knee length or just above the knee for pants.

Distressed jeans:FAIL
You should always strive to look your best, not distressed.
Jeans that are ripped and torn should be tossed or restored, not worn as part of an outfit. There is nothing cute about looking unkempt, especially on purpose.
If you want a little edge, try a studded belt or some black skinny jeans, but don't wear these kind of jeans, please.

Graphic Tees:FAB

Graphic tees are the oh so stylish version of the regular sporty tee.
Try pairing these tees with a great pair of jeans for a great casual look.
For added interest, add accessories like long necklaces, a statement ring or a hat.
For cold weather, these tees also come in the long sleeve version or wear the short sleeved ones with a jacket, cardigan or long sleeve shirt under them.

Hijabis Too? Absolutely. Some stores carry longer graphic tees, wear those with long cardigans or jackets (because some are fitted) with wide leg or straight leg pants/jeans. Try wearing the short tees with a great jean skirt.
As stated above, you can also experiment with different types of accessories for different looks.

The season went pretty well, only 5 fails. Until next Fall...

Up next: Shop Fall Fashion, stay tuned!

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