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Scarf Styling Part 1

Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories out there.
You can dress an outfit up, down or add some interest to it with them.

The ways to style a scarf are numerous and with many varying intricacies,but we will look at some of the most popular, relatively simple ones.

"Glamour "
You can rock this scarf style to keep your hair neat while you're driving in your car with the top down or just rock it with some sunglasses any day when you step out of your house feeling glamorous.

Place the scarf on your head with tails facing forward then crisscross under the chin, bring tails to the back and tie, with back of scarf layering under the tie.
Or, if you are working with a smaller scarf,simply place the scarf on our head and tie under the chin.
*This style works best with square scarves folded into a triangle or readymade triangle scarves.

"Glamour" Hijabi style

Rock "Glamour" as a variation of the Turkish style scarf, with hair tucked in completely, complete with shades.

Channel the 60's with this bohemian scarf style, done very simple.
Place halfway on your head and either tie the ends into a bun or knot them.

"Hippie" hijabi style
Hippie, hijabi style
Work this style the way Yvonne Ridley does with all hair tucked in completely,the outer layer of an Amira scarf on the bottom and another scarf on top placed halfway on your head with the two tails tied in a bun or knotted with tails hanging down.

"Kuwaiti/Gulf" for anyone

Spice up your scarf with a little Gulf style.
This layered look is very elegant and looks especially great with dressy attire.

*This style looks best with the less-stiff scarves with decorated edges.

A variation of this style is a looser or even more layered version that can be worn with hair tucked in completely and neck coverage for hijabi style in the form of an outer layer of an Amira scarf or tneck and underpiece.

Wrap a scarf in a bun whether the occasion is casual or formal. This scarf style is super versatile and super simple.Try wearing the bun at the back or to either side for a fun variation.

"Bun" hijabi style
This style is hijabified simply by adding neck coverage with a tneck shirt or dickie, another scarf, or a high-necked top and tucking all hair in completely.

*Try a statement necklace, around-the-neck scarf or top with a detailed neckline, all of which are very flattering for this style.

"Two-Tone" for anyone
The two tone scarf style is exactly how it sounds: two-toned.
Try this style with two scarves of different colors or shades.

To create this look, wrap a scarf in the traditional way, laying flat on the head. Then, layer another scarf a little further back on the head and continue wrapping both scarves, pinned under the chin,with one set of tails brought behind the head and pinned on the side.Let the other tail hang or tuck inside top.

*This style works best with scarves that are long, equal in length and width, and are rectangular shaped.

Whether you are wearing it Old Hollywood style like Sophia Loren or African-inspired style like Erykah Badu, this scarf style makes a bold elegant statement.

Place a scarf on your head with the two tails facing upward(like when wrapping a towel around wet hair), crisscross the two tails at the forehead and tie OR bring to back and criss cross again and then tuck. Secure with pins if needed.
Also, you can find some turbans ready-made.

"Turban" hijabi style

As with bun style, tuck in all hair completely, add neck coverage with a tneck shirt or dickie, another scarf, or a high-necked top and keep turban at a modest height.

"Underscarf" for anyone
This simple scarf style features one key element: an "underscarf" or "underpiece".
The underscarf can be a bonnet cap, lace underscarf, under layer of Amira scarf or another full size scarf.

The underpiece is placed on the head and then another full size scarf is layered on top of it in any style.

Try this style many different ways with different kinds of scarves, secure with pins and make acommodations for hijabi style as you see fit.

The Gyspy style is a relaxed version of the bun that can be worn in the back or at either side as well.

Place scarf on head and tie two tails at the back of the neck with triangle part above tie facing down. Leave tails hanging in back or in front near shoulders.
For a slight variation, tie tails at either side of the head, letting them drape or rest on the shoulder.

*This style works best with square scarves folded into a triangle or readymade triangle scarves.For the side Gypsy style, you can also try a rectangular scarf.

"Gypsy" hijabi style
As with bun style, tuck in all hair completely and add neck coverage with a tneck shirt or dickie, another scarf, or a high-necked top .

Braiding, twisting, layering, adorning (with decorative pins) of scarves and choosing ones with great colors, textures and patterns are great ways to increase visual interest in a style. Have fun with it!


Scarves can also be worn around the neck in various ways:
Hijabis can wear these styles too, with prior sufficient neck coverage.

Hanging Loose
The simplest way to put a scarf on.
Simply put a scarf around your neck with the ends facing forward and let hang down over chest.

Keyhole Style
This style has become one of the most popular ones with celebrities.
Place a scarf around your neck, pull the curved part away from your neck then loop the end nearest the back of your neck into curved part and then pull tight and let hang down over chest.

The Once-Around
Another simple yet very warm scarf style.
Place the scarf around your neck with left end longer than right end and then loop left end around your neck. Even out both ends.

Cowboy Style
For a stylish modern look, try this style with larger scarves instead of bandannas.
Using a square scarf folded into a triangle or ready-made triangle scarf, place triangle part under neck in front and tie ends on the back of the neck or tie in back and bring to front under scarf on the chest.

That's all for now.

Up next, SCARF STYLING PART 2, Stay Tuned!

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