Monday, November 1, 2010

Scarf Styling Part 2!

And now, for the second installment of Scarf Styling...

Rock a scarf as a headband, thick or thin.
For a thick version, use a few big folds. For a thin version, fold the scarf many times.

*This style works best with rectangular shaped scarves.

"Headband" hijabi style
You can rock a scarf headband on many hijabi scarf styles such as the Two Tail, Bun, Amira, Gypsy etc. All you have to do is fold the scarf in the same way as the non-hijabi headband style and place it on top of the first scarf that you use.

"Amira" for everyone
This tube-style scarf is composed of two pieces and is super easy to wear.

First, place the inner layer on by placing it on your head starting at your forehead and ending at the nape of your neck. Then, place the outer layer on by pulling it over your head a few inches back from the first piece (the inner layer).
For a neat appearance, try tucking this style scarf into shirts.

Switch up inner layers and outer layers in different colors and patterns or use lace underpieces and headbands to create interesting looks with the Amira scarf.

The Crown scarf style is a variation of the Turban scarf.
This style is super elegant and regal. Make it casual or formal simply with a change in fabrics.

Place scarf on your head with one side longer than the other. Bring two tails to the back of your head near your neck and tie. Take the longer side and twist it and bring it around to the front laying across your forhead and then bring it back to the back and tuck under scarf or pin down.Wrap the other tail into a bun and secure with pins or tuck under scarf.

"Crown" hijabi style
This style is hijabified simply by adding neck coverage with a tneck shirt or dickie, another scarf, or a high-necked top and tucking all hair in completely.

"Two-Tail" for everyone
This cute scarf style is very flattering and really frames the face.

Place scarf on your head with two tails in front.Bring two tails behind head and criss cross at nape of the neck tightly. Bring tails back to front and crisscross. Bring left tail across the neck then up behind head towards middle and pin. Push already-pinned right side of scarf down (to keep scarf neat and avoid bunching)and brng other tail across neck to left side of the face and pin at the back of the head towards the middle.
If you are are wearing long earrings, you may want to lower the tails and pin lower in the back of the head to give more space and keep earrings from getting caught on the scarf.

*This style works best with rectangular-shaped scarves.

This cross-cultural style is very fashion forward.
Worn as part of traditional headdress from various cultures, it will turn up the volume on a formal ensemble.

Choose scarves/headbands with coins, scarves twisted into the crown style, scarves braided or textured scarves as underpieces to create more visual interest with this style.

Place scarf on head a few inches from hairline and pin in back near nape of neck, letting hang down the back. Secure with a cute headband on top of scarf where hair meets the headband.
For a simple variation, use a heavier, long scarf and instead of pinning the scarf in the back at the nape of the neck, bring it forward around the shoulders. secure with small hair clips where the scarf meets the hair.

"Backveil" hijabi style
Start with an underpiece such as a bonnet cap or full scarf wrapped into a bun or pinned at the back of the neck hanging loose. Then, layer a long rectangular or square shaped scarf on top of the underpiece, a few inches from the underpiece or on the forehead where the underpiece starts, and pin the scarf at the nape of the neck, letting the rest of the scarf hang loose down your back. Secure scarf on the head with stick pins where underpiece meets the top scarf.
For a nice variation of this style, instead of pinning the second top layer scarf at the back of the neck, secure on head with stick pins and then bring around shoulders and let hang.
Add neck coverage with a tneck shirt or dickie, another scarf, or a high-necked top and tucking all hair in completely.

Again, braiding, twisting, layering, adorning (with decorative pins) of scarves and choosing ones with great colors, textures and patterns are great ways to increase visual interest in a style. Have fun with it!


Shawl Scarf
Place a scarf around your shoulders for a quick cover up or elegant addition to an outfit.

Poncho Scarf
Drape a scarf across your chest and arms to keep warm in cool weather or just to look cute.

Scarf Sash
Tie a scarf and let it hang under the bust, at the waist or at the hip to spice up an ensemble.

Scarf Belt
Twist a scarf and pull it through the belt loops on pants or jeans for a fun alternative to a regular belt.

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That's all for now.


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The Sukkar said...

The backveil is great for a wedding/nikkah since it is light and comfortable for a long day, even with an underscarf.

Hanifah Abdul-Baqi said...

That is a really great tip, thank you for sharing!