Friday, November 5, 2010

Skinny Girls Need Love Too!

For today, a post-between-posts to hold everyone over until the holiday attire blog post is ready...

Plus size women commonly catch alot of flack, but women of smaller sizes do as well.
Being a petite (small in size as well as stature) young lady myself, I have firsthand experience of this type of "dialogue".

Females naturally come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.

Some women are naturally thin, some women are naturally matter what they eat. (We are not talking about females that are thin because they have unhealthy eating habits and have eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia).
Myself as an example, I love all different kinds of food and eating is something enjoyable for me. But, I stay around a size 4 because that is how I am built genetically.

If you are unhappy with your size, take the steps to change it in a healthy way OR just embrace it and dress for the size that you are.

The same rules apply, regardless of your size, about what you put on your body.
You should dress according to your body type (this includes your size, height,skin tone and your shape) and your personal style (blog post coming soon about how to determine your personal style, stay tuned...).

If you find yourself constantly saying things like "She can wear anything because she's skinny"or "You're soo skinny, I hate you!"or you stare in disgust or say "She's gonna throw that up anyway" when you see a skinny girl eating a cheeseburger, then you may have some insecurities about your own body image.

Consciously or unconsciously "hating" on other females will not make you feel better about yourself.

As a fashion consultant, I dress and give fashion advice to females of all sizes and shapes. Yes, everyone cannot wear everything. But, it is because everyone has a different body type and personal style. Therefore,realistically, certain styles of clothing are going to compliment some more than others.

Make decisions about what to wear based on yourself as an individual, not in comparison to others.

Whatever size you are, love it, own it, and dress your best!

Want to look your best, but not sure how? That's what I'm here for :)

For my beautiful plus-sized ladies, don't worry,there is a special blog post coming up soon just for you all about hot Plus-Size Fashion!

Up Next, "Celebrate In Style:HOW TO DRESS FOR THE HOLIDAYS", Stay Tuned!

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