Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside: What to Wear in the Winter

Winter has rolled around and it's snowy, icy and bitter cold outside.

What do you wear?...the warmest flyest things you can find of course!

Here's a few key pieces and wardrobe elements that you can use to keep yourself looking cute in the cold!

Warm Fabrics
Choosing pieces with thicker warmer fabrics is a good way to stay toasty.
Fabrics such as denim, velvet, fleece, cashmere, flannel, corduroy, wool, tweed and furs are all great.
Be sure to test the fabrics on your skin to make sure that they will not irritate it.
* is having a sale thru tommorow at 5pm for ladies cashmere sweaters- buy one get one 50% off.

Long Skirts
Long skirts (ankle length or longer) are going to be great for winter because the extra length goes a long way.
Try out different shapes like mermaid, straight, A-line, trumpet etc.
Rock a long skirt with a top tucked into it.
Hijabis, if the skirt isn't loose at the top and you want to wear a tucked top, wear a jacket over to keep the goodies covered or just wear the top untucked.
Also, put on a great pair of leggings/tights and boots under your long skirts for extra warmth.

American Apparel, Ralph Lauren,Eddie Bauer, J Jill etc and lots of other mainstream stores have long skirts out this season because they are on-trend.
Online long skirt,, Artizara etc

Sweaters and Cardigans
Sweaters and cardigans are going to be your best choices for tops in the winter months.
Fabulous pieces like thin sweaters and sweater vests,grandfather cardigans and wrapping cardigans are especially good if you like to dress in layers.
Layer your turtlenecks and graphic tees under these pieces.
Hijabis, rock long cardigans with pants and short ones with skirts and dresses.
Also, sweater dresses as mentioned here in the Fall Trends post, paired with boots (loose sweater dresses and pants and boots for hijabis) work well too.

For classic cardigans in different colors, check out Hollister, Plato's Closet,New York and Company and Target.

Tnecks are a great winter wardrobe staple because they are warm and oh so stylish.
Rock a turtleneck in many different colors and/or textures.
They are especially good for layering; you can wear a low cut top and throw on a tneck under it to keep yourself warm and covered.
You can still wear your statement necklaces with tnecks, just make sure that the jewelry does not get caught on the fabric.
Hijabis, tnecks are great for hijab styles that need neck coverage as well.

For turtlenecks in many styles for under $20, try Target and Old Navy.

Leggings and Tights
Leggings, as previously mentioned here on the EBC blog,and tights are an awesome easy way to keep your legs warm during the winter.
These thin pieces are handy for wearing under most garments such as pants, jeans, long skirts and dresses for extra insulation.
You can also wear your leggings and tights with shorter dresses and skirts paired with boots for warmth and look very cute.
Hijabis, rock your leggings and tights at home or at private events in these ways.

For fun leggings and tights, try Forever 21 and check out other accessories depts.

Coats, as previously mentioned here on the EBC blog,come in numerous styles of winter coats out there.
Whether it's a puffer, trench-style, fur or peacoat, pick one that fits your lifestyle and flatters your body and personal style.
Also, you can choose a cool color like royal blue or a fun pattern like plaid.
*Coats with belts are very flattering for all shapes.

Find great coats at Burlington Coat Factory, Nordstrom and Old Navy.

Gloves are a must to keep the fingers from freezing in the winter.
Having more than one pair is a good idea so that you can have options depending on what you are doing that day.
There are many styles of gloves to choose from but some of the most popular styles are leather gloves with insulation inside.
If you are going sledding, skiiing or playing in the snow, you may want to skip the fancy leather gloves and go for non-leather thermal gloves.
Also, if you are going to a fancy event, you can rock some fabulous satin gloves to step up your outfit as previously mentioned here.

Scarves in fabrics like pashmina and fleece are going to be very warm.
Throw a scarf around your neck or across your face to keep the cold out this winter. Looking for a great style for your scarf/hijab?- Check the EBC blog posts on Scarf Styling here and here for a refresher!

Boots, also mentioned here in detail on the EBC blog post about Fall 2010 Trends, are key in the winter.
In the snow, rain and ice, warm rubber soled boots are important to have.
Can you have the function with the fabulousness? Of course. Just find a good pair.
Thigh high and knee high boots with insulation are going to be the best options.

If you are going out in wet weather, it may not be a good idea to wear your heeled boots that do not have rubber soles because you might slip and fall.
However, if you have platform/heeled boots with rubber soles, rock those!
If it is just bitter cold but pretty dry outside, go for the regular boots.

Great stores for boots this season: DSW, Target, Rack Room Shoes and Charlotte Russe.

Believe it or not, hats are not just for bad hair days.
Hats, also mentioned in detail here on the EBC blog, can actually keep your head warm and look super stylish, especially when they match your coat or jacket.
For winter, go for hats like berets,cloches, newsboy caps and skull-cap type hats etc in knits and wools for warmth.

Dots has a great selection of hats under $10:


Stay toasty and look tight this winter with pieces from this clothing business and designer:

Faid Clothing
Faid Clothing offers modest yet fashionable clothing in different styles at affordable prices.
"Like" them and check out their long skirts and long dresses with long sleeves in statement colors and great patterns on their Facebook fanpage !

Crochet Accessories
Who knew crochet could be so stylish?
Look cute with these handmade crochet accessories including hooded and non-hooded crossover cowls, fingerless gloves and more by Savera!
Contact Savera at to place an order.


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-Hanifah Abdul-Baqi


Youthful Wisdom said...

Thanks for the sites that sell long skirts. I have been looking forever to get some nice ones!

Hanifah Abdul-Baqi said...

Great, no problem! :)

Deeba said...

I went to Target and got a turtleneck for $3.00 and a nice thick longsleeve shirt for $6. Awesome! thanks for the tips!