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Hijabis at Home: How to Look Pretty in Private!


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So, you can look just as cute at home or at a private event as you do when you go outside.

The same effort or more should be made so that you don't let yourself go, even when you think you will not be "seen", because YOU still have to see yourself and feel good about what you see.

Many of the things that have been written about on this blog such as skinny jeans, leggings, tights, fitted items such as sweater dresses, minidresses, cocktail dresses or gowns etc that are not hijabi-appropriate can be worn by hijabis at home or at private events...

Also, if it is cold outside like now, you can bust out those warm weather items like lightweight dresses, tees, skirts and wear them inside where it is warm and cozy.

Now, let's explore the options!

Coverup Options:
Wanna cover up a little bit if you don't want to show that much skin and/or goodies or just in case you get cold? Try throwing on one of these pieces:
Cropped cardigan, Bolero jacket, Hip length cardigan, Shrug,Shawl/Scarf,Long sleeves

*Add one of these cover-ups to any of these pieces/ensembles mentioned below based on your comfort level:

Tank tops or bustier (corset tops) tops are super cute for inside and can be worn with a great fitted pair of jeans or a skirt.

No no, not those oversized tees that swallow you up or are stained and falling apart. We are talking about cute tshirts like graphic tees or plain fitted tees. Wear a tee with jeans or a skirt.

Peasant skirts are comfortable and light for inside. Wear them, long or knee length, with a cute tank top or tee.

Pencil skirts are hot little skirts that are fitted, high waisted at times and fall just below or just above the knee. They look classy and cute especially paired with tops tucked into them with/without a thin belt.

Maxi dresses are very comfortable for inside or private events because they can be very casual or very glamorous with some jewelry and a great hairstyle and come in such a variety of styles and colors.

All of those short dresses like minidresses,cocktail dresses,tshirt dresses etc can be worn inside with a pair of skinny jeans, tights or leggings.

Yes, gowns. At private formal events and for special evenings at home, bust out a gown- it can be one of those fitted, flirty (but tasteful) ones if u want and rock a fabulous hairstyle to boot.

Caftans are a super-comfortable option that come in many different fabrics and styles from various different cultures. Rock a caftan if you are just lounging around the house or for a private party.
Caftans, belted or not belted with statement earrings and stacked bangles is a fabulous look. *Missoni caftans and Moroccan style caftans are lovely choices.

Now is the time to wear those skinny jeans with tees, tanks or short dresses in the ways mentioned HERE on the EBC blog in the post on skinny jeans.

Not into skinny jeans? Wear your bootcut, straight leg or wide leg jeans/pants or some walking shorts (shorts that come to just below the knee).

Now, I usually say No to sweatsuits being worn other than for the purpose of doing physical exercise. However, if it is a cute sweatsuit like the fitted J-Lo or Juicy Couture ones in a great color (even the ones with the sayings on them like "Hottie" lol) then you can wear it in the house or to a sleepover (not at a ladies cocktail party) to be comfy, especially if you're bloaty and/or pregnant.
BUT don't get used to it and wear it everyday... promise? Please.

No, not that ratty pair of slippers. Buy a pair of cute shoes/ dainty slippers be it heels or flats, that are made out of a relatively soft material as not to mess up your floor or carpet that are ONLY to be worn in the house.
(That means no, don't run to the car or outside garbage bin in these shoes)
If you are not going to wear a pair of house shoes, then please, please, have your toes nicely manicured (not necessarily french manicure,but filed, cut and not dry).
It is so not cute to walk around with claws for toenails and ashy sandpaper for feet.

A little jewelry goes a long way. Bust out those statement short necklaces, long shiny necklaces, glamorous post earrings, hoop earrings, chunky bangles,skinny stacked bangles, dainty bracelets,gorgeous cocktail rings, even toe rings and ankle bracelets.
A piece or two or three of jewelry will beautifully step up your outfit, so try it!

A little lip gloss and eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara,maybe some lipstick or a full face if you feel like it- makeup can be an elegant enhancement of your natural beauty and complete your look.

Not a makeup person? Then just make sure your skin is clean,moisturized and glowing.

Do your hair ladies. It doesn't have to be much. Maybe a cute ponytail, a french braid, hair down with a cute headband, even a scarf in a bun with sidebangs if you don't have a lot of time.
Whatever you choose, just make sure you do it. Bedhead isn't cute after you're up.

Should I go here? I think I need to.
Whether you have a significant other or not, cute undergarments like feminine bras, panties, slips and robes are necessary.
We're females so we should look like females, and there's something about knowing that you have cute undergarments on under your clothes that gives you that extra pep in your step and good feeling about yourself :)


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-Hanifah Abdul-Baqi


Sakeena said...

LOL I loved this entry. I laughed the whole way through :)
I especially liked the T-shirt bit. When I got married I tossed all mine out. Except for the cute long ones, for sleeping :).

Hanifah Abdul-Baqi said...

Hehe. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Good for you, more women should do that!!

Anonymous said...

This was such a help! I was packing up all of my summer clothes and letting them hibernate until the winter was over, but now I see I can bring them back out and look cute for the hubby lol. Lord knows I was walking around with whatever I could find. My hair still looks a mess and feet lol! What do you think about doing the t-shirt cutting thing and wearing those around the house with leggings or a cute pair of jeans?

Hanifah Abdul-Baqi said...

You can definitely work that wardrobe year-round.

What do you mean by cutting your t-shirt? Cutting it to a short length?
There is a way that you can cut the sides on a tshirt and them tie them up to make it cute and fitted.

Anonymous said...

I have seen people cut the shirt like across the middle like it's shredded or something and they would wear a tank top underneath or whatever. That's what I meant.

Hanifah Abdul-Baqi said...

Oh ok I see what you mean.
What I am picturing doesn't look too cute unfortunately lol.
Some shredded (lightly shredded, not looking like a dog tore it up lol) tees paired with tank tops under produce a stylish edgy look.

But,the cutoff 80's style shirts that are pretty much half of a shirt with the front part of the shirt hanging in the wind tend to not look great, even with a tank top underneath and a pair of fitted jeans or some leggings.