Monday, December 6, 2010

Top Ten Fashion Myths!

Originally, it was just going to be five myths, but there are a few more that I thought that were important to mention:

Alot of myths surrounding fashion are not true.

Some of the times, certain fashion "rules" are in place strategically and purposefully so that we can spend a certain way or buy more of a certain product making it more convenient and profitable for businesses. Or, they are just something made up that doesn't have great reasons behind it and places limits on things that don't need them.

Now to reveal the untold truths about some of these myths...

1. No white (shoes etc) after Labor Day
Nope, not true. It is perfectly ok to wear white pants, white coats, white shoes,white dresses etc after Labor Day.
Keep your white garments clean and you're good to go.

Would you wear your cute white flats in icy,snowy, slushy weather?
No, because you might end up looking gross by the time you get to your destination.

Would you wear a fresh white cocktail dress to a nice winter holiday party? Yes.

Keep on working the white well after Labor Day, but be smart about it.

2. Shoes and purse and/or belt must match.
If you want to match your shoes and your purse, go for it! But, you don't HAVE to.

Mixing it up every now and then can be fun.
Try a thin white belt with your black pants, white button-down shirt and black boots.
Instead of a black purse and back shoes, try black shoes and a silver purse.
Metallics like silver and gold as well as other colors like yellow, white and navy blue can be just as neutral as black and brown and work well for outfits.

Also, if you decide to match your purse with your shoes, be sure to remember that that means you have already done one color in two big ways- if you decide to wear more of that color in your ensemble, do it minimally- such as a ring.

3. Brightly colored clothing and accessories are for spring and summer.
So not true. Bright colors are fine all year 'round.
When fall and winter roll around, it's hard to not fall into that dreary, hermit mood. Brightly-colored purses,coats, dresses and shoes etc in red, purple, pink, yellow or other bright colors may help your mood and will step up an outfit.

4. You have to put all of your sleeveless garments and short sleeves away during fall and winter.
You can rock those short-sleeved tees, sleeveless shirts and shorter skirts in the fall and winter. How? Cover up!
Put on thin long sleeved shirts under those tees and sleeveless shirts or layer cardigans, blazers, jackets on top of them.
For shorter skirts, throw on a pair of tall boots to keep your legs warm.
*Thin fabrics will make you have to layer in order to keep warm. If layering isn't your thing, then you may want to just stick garments with warm fabrics.

Hijabis, you've got a leg up on this one because we do this all year round :)

5. Tights and sandals look cute together.
Sorry, they just don't.
Tights with sandals was hot in Fall '07 and is trying to make a comeback, but it's still not cute. In fact, it looks tacky.
Sandals are for warm weather on purpose- your toes and feet are meant to be out so that they are not inside a shoe burning up in 70+ degree weather.
Wearing tights with sandals doesn't make sandals cold-weather shoes.
Just go for a close-toe, boot, bootie etc or peep-toe shoe at the most.

However, if you are going to an event in the fall/winter season and the event will be indoors and you will not have to walk around in the cold, wear those fabulous sandals (without tights).

6. Tall women shouldn't wear high heels.
Absolutely not.
Just because you were born with the gift of height doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a pair of hot heels.
You can wear high heels just like anyone else can.

If you are uncomfortable wearing high heels,then that's fine- wear some cute flats. But, you have the option.

7. Horizontal stripes make you look larger than you are.
Not always true, it depends on the garment.
Some garments that have thick bold or thin horizontal stripes will look just fine.
Others that have thick or thin horizontal stripes might look awkward.

The solution: Try It On. You can never be sure how something will look on you until you try it on and see what it does for your body.
*Thick belts can help break up stripes for a more flattering look.

8. Gold and silver metallics cannot be mixed or both worn at the same time.
That's a myth.
You can mix silver and gold without it looking crazy, just try it out and see how it looks.

Wearing a silver dress with gold heels might look cool.
Or, wearing silver hoops and then a gold purse could look awesome.
Try it out and see what it looks like.

9. You can't wear more than one bold/bright color.
Who says?
You can wear more than one bold or bright color in the same ensemble.
The key is, choose two colors that compliment each other and pair them both with a neutral.

Example: Royal purple sleevless dress, mustard yellow shirt, chocolate brown purse.
Example: Crimson red tee, darkwash blue jeans, royal blue flats.

10. You can't wear white to a wedding.
I know, I know- this sounds insane.
However, you CAN wear white to a wedding.
Why? Because not all brides wear white AND you don't have to wear All-White; just a touch of it.

Ex: You can wear a white pencil skirt with a black shiny top or you can wear a white blazer with a black long straight skirt.
Ex: If you are going to an Indo-pak wedding, most brides wear red. It is ok to wear an all-white outfit then. Do your research before going to a wedding and looking crazy.


So, go and disprove these myths fabulously!

That's all for now.
Up next,"Spotlight on Style: The Real Housewives! ",Stay Tuned!
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