Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends Part 1: FAB or FAIL?

Every season there are some fabulous to-die-for trends that have the potential to become staples and then there are the fails, the temporary tragedies that make fashion consultants like me cringe.

This spring we have plenty of color, flashbacks to the 60's and 90's and a dash of elegance...

BLUE: FAB with caution
Blue is all the rage this spring in hues like Cobalt, Sea Blue and Nautical Navy.
Rocking some gorgeous color is always in so break out the blue!
*As always tho, don't do one color more than 2 ways, heavily, in an ensemble.
A ring , shoes and scarf is fine but a scarf, shoes and purse is too much.

Hijabi? Yes! Especially around your face in a scarf . Lovely.

PRINTED PANTS: FAB with caution
Print is always cool, even on pants.
*However, not all prints were created equal .
Proportion is key when it comes to this trend.
Large prints on short ladies is overwhelming and will swallow us.
Please, no pajama prints outside.

Hijabi? Sure, provided the pants are loose and pair with long top of course.

PRINTED LEGGINGS: FAB with extreme caution
As stated in a previous blog post, leggings are NOT pants and cannot be worn like them.
Long tops/dresses have to be worn with them to keep from looking undesirable.
Printed ones are fine, same rules apply about proportion of print and no pajama prints.

Hijabi? Absolutely not.
At private events or at home worn with above rules? Sure.

This style scarf is very fashion forward and can be rocked with different style outfits.
*Be sure that your knot is at a modest size . It shouldn't be as big as your head or face or look like it could be used as a weapon.

Hijabi? Sure, just be sure to add neck coverage with a tneck, scarf etc.

MINT GREEN: FAB with caution
Mint green is one of those pretty pastels that can be rocked beautifully alongside neutrals like black ,navy and white.
*Same rules as blue apply about the amount of ways it can be worn in an outfit. No more than 2, heavily.

Hijabi? Yes!

We've got long flowy feminine dresses and skirts in this season.
From Valentino on the runway to Forever 21 in the mall, anyone can rock this elegant trend.
*As previously stated in other posts, slips are a must.

Hijabi? Definitely!
Stick to non clingy fabrics .

Up Next: "Spring 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2: FAB or FAIL?"!

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