Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2: FAB or FAIL?

And now for the second installment of Spring 2013 Fashion Trends!
Some are fabulous and some fell flat...

TANGERINE: FAB with caution
This hot orangy color is definitely that pop of color that will set an outfit off.
It looks great with neutrals like beige and navy .
*Pairing with black can look too Halloween-ish sometimes, so be careful of that.
*As always with colors that aren't neutrals , don't do it more than 2 ways, heavily, in an ensemble.

Hijabi? Yes!

HI-LOW: Slightly FAB
This popular fashion forward trend is a tricky one because it can look really great when done well or really weird when not, it is really a case-by-case basis.
*DO pair the long hi low garments like long dresses and long skirts with long skirts in complimentary or matching volumes, colors and prints.
We want to look like elegant ladies,not men from the 18th century.
Pants just don't look right and bare legs just look peekaboo scandalous.

Hijabi? Sure, with a long skirt layered under as stated above.

** Contact EBC for advice about specific hi low garments because not all hi low are wearable.

Crop tops should have stayed in the past .
They look distasteful, like you ran out of fabric for your shirt or you flew into a rage and cut up a t shirt.
Layering a shirt under makes it even more tacky too.

I don't know who started the bra top trend, but they should stop.
It looks like you put your Demi bra on and didn't finish getting dressed.
Walk around in your bra at home, not in public.

Baring midriff isn't cute and less is not always more in this case.
Stop the madness.

Hijabi? We won't even go there....

This genius invention is great because you can get your sporty/casual/comfortable look with a little fabulous thrown in.
They come in a variety of colors so have fun with it but be sure to wear them with the appropriate outfit.
* No fancy attire with wedge sneakers please.

Hijabi? Go for it!

BLOUSES: FAB with caution
Blouses that are in this spring are made of flowy, lightweight materials and are in beautiful colors.
Rock them tucked into pants and skirts for a classic feminine look.
*Be sure to layer if they are transparent though, because visible bra straps aren't cute.

Hijabi? Absolutely...
If you tuck the blouse into a skirt with a fitted waist,( or if you are tucking into pants/jeans) put on a jacket or cardigan over the blouse (worn open or closed) to cover a snug bottom.

...And that's a wrap!

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