Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 MUST-HAVES for Summer: #4!

The list continues...

MUST-HAVE # 4: Flip Flops!

Yes y'all, Flip Flops.
But not the dollar store kind that you just use for questionable showers or those cheap pairs to slip your feet in real quick at home.

I'm talking about the platform, wedge or  ones with small heels, bejeweled or printed, relatively quality flip flops. 
If you are going to rock flip flops, they have to be right!

Why Flip Flops Though? Cuz It's Hot!
Sometimes you want your feet to be able to breathe a little more on really hot days or you just want a more laid- back, casual yet cute look that's fast and easy.

Looking for really cute flip flops?
Not sure which style is for you?
Contact EBC!

-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting 

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