Friday, June 7, 2013

5 MUST-HAVES for Summer : #5!

The end of the list...

MUST-HAVE # 5: A Summer Glow

To top off your summer ensemble, you gotta have your summer glow.

What do I mean by that?
I mean, beautiful glowing skin.
In the winter, skin is more prone to dryness, ashiness and dullness due to the weather.

However, in the summer time , the sun kisses the skin with a tan and sometimes the heat makes us sweat, which actually is good to get impurities out etc.

To get a nice summer glow, keep your skin clean, protected and moisturized (sunscreen and exfoliation is important )
Lotions and creams with a little shimmer and/or tint in them are nice, as long as they aren't the ones that rub off on everything. 
If you wear makeup, illuminating powders , highlighters and soft blushes are good as well as lightweight foundations and powders that match your skin color to enhance your natural beauty. 

Also, remember that lovely skin begins with the inside, so drink lots of water and eat healthy...and don't forget to smile :)

-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting  

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