Monday, November 11, 2013

3 Ways to Stay A Stylish Mommy!

Notice the title of this post is "... stay a stylish mommy."
Sure, you can get a nice makeover, but that is only temporary.
For long-term Fabulous, you have to keep it up.
These 3 tips can help...

Because if you no longer have it, you can't wear it.
What isn't wearable?
Items that are not wearable are...items that do not fit properly,  that do not flatter you, that are in poor condition or items that you simply just do not love.
Yes, it's time to get rid of those jeans that cut off your circulation, that shirt that makes you look pregnant and those beat-up shoes. Bid them all adieu, please. Donate it, sell it or trash it if necessary.

A functional wardrobe must be 100% wearable and you should love every single thing in your closet.
Imagine how much easier and enjoyable getting dressed would be if everything you owned was fabulous,  looked amazing on you and you actually felt good in it.
Yes! That is how it should be.


The key to not looking like a hot mess, even when you are rushing, is preparation.
I cannot stress this enough, ladies.
You should not have to take forever to get dressed.
Taking the time to prepare complete outfits saves time, energy and guarantees that even if nothing else goes right that day, you will at least look great.
Plan outfits (and have hair/hijab style in mind) at least the night before including clothing, accessories, shoes and hang them up in the closet on a hanger (with shoes under) or lay it out on a chair if that is easier -whether it is for work, a special occasion or even just running errands.


When you become a mother, your priorities change...understandably so.
You think of the children first most of the time and want them to have the best of everything.
However, it is also important for you to have great things too(not necessarily expensive stuff, just great stuff)
Yes, Mommy Life is busy, but you don't have to look like you are about to run a marathon all the time.

So go ahead... wear those awesome jeans with the great fit instead of those jogging pants or sweats,
rock those cute ballet flats instead of those sneakers,
get that sexy bra, panties and lingerie instead of that sports bra, granny panty and flannel pajamas,
purchase that tinted lip gloss or pop lip color instead of the chapstick or lip balm, 
take the time to wash your face, moisturize your skin, put on a little makeup if you are in the mood and please, please do your hair or rock a cute scarf style.

It is easy to put ourselves on the back burner, but it is not healthy for our self-esteem.
You need to feel great when you glance at your reflection in the car window or that side mirror where the veggies are in the produce aisle at the grocery store.

Also, as mothers,we can be one of the biggest influences and role models in our children's lives.
They need to see that Mommy loves herself and is confident and secure.

Not feeling great about your post-baby body? Not at your goal weight?
That's ok. These things take time to work on...and that's what Spanx are for.

Need help getting your Fabulous Mommy wardrobe together?
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-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting 

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