Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drop the Name: The Deal with "Designer"

Designer clothing, accessories and shoes are usually very expensive.
For that reason, some people may think that it automatically means that you look great, or that the item is great.

just because an item is "designer" and costs a lot of money, doesn't mean that it's FOR YOU.

The same rules apply about flattering your body type and fitting your style when it comes to designer products.

Let's talk designers...

This lady is the Queen of Wrap Dresses.
Her infamous wrap dresses come in many different fabrics, patterns and colors. And the versatile A-line shape flatters all body types.

Can hijabis rock these? Yes, being sure to pick the dresses with the looser, non-stretchy fabrics and pairing them with a matching or complementary headscarf, long sleeved tees if needed, wide leg or straight leg jeans/pants, accessories and shoes.
Burberry, by far, has the best collection of designer trench coats out there.
These trench coats have a great variety of colors, a versatile shape and belt for all figures, and the mid-length is generally flattering for all heights
Throw on a trench coat and get an instant put-together look, no matter what you are wearing under.

Can hijabis rock these? Definitely.
This guy Jimmy definitely knows a thing or two about shoes. These shoes come in different styles and textures. There are flats and wedges for those that are not fond of heels, and caged heels and pumps for those that are. A pair of any of these shoes will be the icing on the cake for a great ensemble.

Can hijabis rock these? Sure!


Dolce and Gabbana has some very durable purses in different styles and materials.
There are hobos, clutches, satchels and more to fit your lifestyle.

Can hijabis rock these?Absolutely. A great bag is a staple!

Closely following Dolce and Gabbana is ...

Prada also has very durable purses in a variety of colors and styles.
One of these bags is the perfect way to add a pop of color to an ensemble.

Can hijabis rock these? Most definitely.

When it comes to elegant dresses in gorgeous colors, this lady takes the cake.
Her gowns come in different silhouettes, working for different body types, and are made out of beautiful fabrics in rich colors.

Can hijabis rock these? Yes, some . The A -line shaped gowns can be worn with a bolero jacket and
headscarf with sufficient chest coverage or long sleeve shirt and headscarf with sufficient chest coverage in a matching or neutral color.
The mermaid and trumpet style gowns, No.
Where can you find these designer items?
Shop online on the designer's website, at the designer's store in malls or in the downtown area, or try stores that sell designer items such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue etc...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Top Ten Spring Trends: To Wear or Not To Wear?

My Golden Rule for Trends:
You should only participate in trends if they flatter your body type and fit your style.

*Color: YES, with caution.
Color is always a big trend every time spring rolls around, but really, color is a staple All Year 'Round. Don't be afraid to wear your white pants, yellow hobo bags and red trench coats during the fall/winter seasons.
Also, they can really compliment your skin tone when the right hues are chosen.

Too much of the same color in an ensemble is tacky. Try not to use one color, heavily, in more than three ways.
Ex : Red purse, red shoes, red ring :Good. Red purse, red shoes, red shirt: Yuck.

Hijabi? Absolutely.
*Florals- YES, with caution.
Florals are a tasteful nod to nature's beauty... when done right.
The key to wearing florals is proportion.
Small floral patterns are generally flattering for all types of figures.

Warning: If you are on the shorter side, or are plus sized, large floral patterns can be too overwhelming for your stature.

Hijabi? Sure.

*Contrast Minidresses- YES, with caution
Contrast minidresses generally create an ideal silhouette with their thick elastic waistbands that nip in at the waist, solid colored tops and patterned, printed or textured bottoms, straight or flaired .
These are generally flattering for all body types, depending on the fabrics used for the bottom part.

If you are larger on the bottom (in the hip area), then you may want to go with a minidress that has a stiff but voluminous or looser fabric on the bottom, as opposed to a stretchy one to maintain balance.

If you are larger on top, then you want to make sure that you go with a minidress that has a solid colored top to de-emphasize that area and a bottom that has patterns, print or texture in a non stretchy fabric to create volume for overall balance

Hijabi? Sure, with wide leg or straight leg jeans/pants, a long sleeved top and headscarf in a neutral or color from the dress and accessories.

*Peep Toes- YES
When the weather isn't warm enough for sandals but is too warm for boots, peep-toe pumps and booties are a great option. You don't only have to wear black or brown either- try a pop of color.
Hijabi? Sure.

: YES, with caution
Leggings are pretty much like tights, just a tiny bit thicker.
They come in many different colors and can be worn appropriately and tastefully with tops coming down to the mid-thigh or knees, for all body types.

Warning: They are NOT PANTS and should not be worn in place of pants.

Hijabi? No. Too tight.

*Miniskirts: NO
No matter how you wear them, they always look way too provocative and are very similar to the attire of "streetwalkers", if you know what I mean.

Hijabi? Never.

*Rompers: NO
Rompers look like baby clothing on adults.
There's something about the top and the bottom of the garment being connected that makes it unacceptable to wear if you are not a child.
If you want to wear shorts and a top, wear shorts and a top... but please don't wear a romper.

Hijabi? Absolutely Not.

*Bold Bracelets: YES
Bold bracelets can really step up an outfit.
Stacked or solitary, these accessories add interest to your ensemble.

Hijabi? Definitely.

*Wedges: YES
Wedges are a great comfortable option if you want the height without the heel.
They come in a range of styles and look great with jeans/pants, dresses and skirts etc.

Hijabi? Sure.
*Chain Necklaces: YES
Chain necklaces are a simple way to embellish an outfit, casual or dressy.
Longer and/or layered chain necklaces look best.

Hijabi? Sure. These necklaces look especially great with a tucked headscarf.

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