Fabulous Fashion in the Media!

What kind of fabulous fashion is in the latest movies, tv shows, awards shows etc...?

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"AHS Style Inspiration: Casual Coven"
Like the all-black style of American Horror Story's Coven? How can you rock it?
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"Fall Zombie Style Inspiration!"
What's hot for Fall? How can I rock it with zombie flair?
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"Spotlight on Style: Gossip Girl"
What kind of style do the ladies of Gossip Girl have? How can you rock it?

"Spotlight on Style: The Real Housewives!"
What kind of style do the Real Housewives of Atlanta Beverly Hill have? How can hijabis rock it?
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"SATC Fashion and Fashions from the East"
What hot fashion was featured in the SATC 2 movie? Can you rock it too?