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SATC 2 Fashion and Fashions from the East

Costume Designer Patricia Fields worked her magic again in SATC 2 and produced some very unique,colorful, fashion forward ensembles.

Fashions from, and inspired by the East, feature some bohemian style elements like flowing fabrics, scarves, rich colors,prints, headwear such as turbans and headscarves, more relaxed modest silhouettes and longer hemlines and sleeves.

Channeling this kind of fashion, here were some memorable costumes:

Miranda, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte are rocking long dresses, headwear,harem pants and scarves in this movie still from SATC 2.

Carrie and Charlotte's ensembles are very wearable with their tasteful, classic Eastern touches. You could rock Miranda's outfit if you switched up the arm cover-up to a more subtle print or a non-print. Samantha's outfit is runway perfect, but we would need to lower the high shoulders on the jacket and switch fabrics and colors and de-taper the harem pant a little to make it ready-to-wear.

For hijabis too? Maybe, if you are brave enough to try it.
Miranda's dress could be rocked with a hip length jacket and headscarf.

Carrie's short dress could be rocked with straight leg/wide leg pants underneath plus long sleeves and a headscarf.

Samantha's harem pants could be rocked if they were in a much looser fabric with very little to no tapering on the bottom of the leg plus a jacket that comes to the knee or just above the knee, belted or unbelted.

Charlotte's ensemble could be rocked hijabi style with a headscarf in a complimentary color, a long sleeved shirt underneath the dress or a bolero jacket or cropped cardigan on top of the dress, and straight leg pants to go underneath the dress.

Does it get anymore fabulous than this on a movie set?
The rich colors and flowing fabrics in these ensembles are to die for.

Samantha's royal blue with purple scarf/cape is the epitome of elegance and is Oscars-worthy. Rock that at a formal event and look and feel super graceful.

Carrie's ensemble is very fashion forward. The harem pant jumpsuit is actually a winner (Surprise surprise. I would usually never recommend harem pants or jumpsuits because they are very hard to pull off without looking crazy)in this ensemble because the fabric is loose and flowy and the legs are not so tapered that they look like hammer pants.
However, the vest needs to go so that the pants can stand out and not compete with the rest of the outfit.

Charlotte's ensemble here has gorgeous rich colors. The printed bodice with the A-line skirt are very feminine and the scarf adds an elegant touch. But, the skirt part would have been perfect if it hit just above or at the knee or was full length; in between lengths tend to look awkward.

Miranda's ensemble has interest and bohemian flair with the printed dress and draped shawl. It's perfect as is and looks very comfortable. Awesome.

Can hijabis try these looks too?
Try out Samantha's ensemble with a cropped cardigan or bolero jacket in a neutral or other complimentary bright color.

Carrie's outfit? You'd have to be really brave but it could possibly work with an A-line jacket or top that hit at or just above the knee, preferably belted with a thin belt.

For Charlotte's outfit, you could wear a neutral or matching long sleeved shirt,then layer an A-line skirt in a matching or complimentary neutral under the dress for length and use the scarf around her neck as a headscarf.

Miranda's ensemble is a quick fix: simply add a cropped cardigan or bolero jacket in a neutral color to the dress and wear the shawl as a headscarf or get a new headscarf and keep the shawl draped as shown.


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That's all for now.

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