Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Designers to Watch and Deals for Dresses

Two blog posts in one today, due to being on vacation for most of May:


Last month I attended the Dangerous Curves Ahead Charity Fashion Show and Expo hosted by A-Line Style Services in which some fabulous Chicago designers showcased their designs.

Here were the favorites:

Crescendo Apparel:
Crescendo Apparel's designs are made specifically for the curvy woman- hourglass and pear shapes.
Their designs were very flattering for those types of figures- the fabric gently floated away from the body and neatly nipped in at all the right places, creating a graceful feminine shape.
The pieces shown were classic and very useful as wardrobe staples.
Hijabi Appropriate? Sure.
Wear a cropped cardigan, hip length cardigan, blazer, hip length or cropped jacket or long sleeved shirt with the maxi dresses, add a long sleeved, longer top or jacket with the pants and wear a long sleeved top or jacket with the skirt plus some boots to cover the length.

Chocolate Sushi Couture
Chocolate Sushi Couture designs are geared towards the plus size woman. Their designs come in a range of styles and colors, so there is something for everyone. Their pieces stood out in the show because of the great ensembles; we were really able to see how the clothing could be transformed into a complete look.
Hijabi Appropriate?
Yup. Wear the tops with sleeves, the pants with a long top, the dresses with a long sleeved top, cropped cardigan or jacket and pants and wear the skirts at home or at private events.

Think Pink Couture
Think Pink Couture designs are for the fashion-forward fashionista. Their pieces are innovative and fresh with the use of many different fabrics and bright colors as well as interesting detailing.
Hijabi Appropriate?
Maybe, you might be able to swing it. Wear the short, more fitted dresses with mid length cardigans or jackets and pants or rock them at private events with leggings and a camisole under for coverage of goodies.



As we head into summer and wedding season, dresses for different occasions for great prices began to emerge in stores.

Davids Bridal:

Party Dresses:
David's Bridal now has a line of Party Dresses- for those times when you are going to a formal event but do not want to wear a long dress or when you are going to a party and you need something to wear that is in that semi-formal area- not jeans and a shirt but not a ball gown either. The prices range from under $100 to over $100.

Vera Wang? Rumor has it Vera Wang will be designing a line of wedding dresses to be sold at David's Bridal. Vera Wang for under $1,000: Yes!

$99 Bridal Gown Sale: A bridal gown for $99? Yup.
There is only one more day left of the $99 Bridal Gown sale!
Go in the store to see what's left. If not, you can look on the website and find a dress for under $500 in the "Sale" or "Outlet" section.

Maxis: This season Target has a small selection of printed, breezymaxi dresses.
Priced around $20-$25.

Zac Posen: Zac Posen has designed a few pieces for Target, namely short dresses, perfect for a party or a night out. Priced at $40 and up.

Merona: Merona has produced some great shift and sheath dresses this season. They come in a range of colors and subtle prints.

This season Dots has lots of maxi dresses in a variety of prints and colors for $25 and under, short party and casual dresses for $20 and under as well as lightweight straight leg pants and shirtdresses for $20 and under.

Burlington Coat Factory:
Maxi Dresses in different prints, colors and breezy materials for $15 and up.
Formal dresses for under $100.

Dept Stores like Kohl's, JC Penney, Hudson Belk and Macy's are carrying maxi dresses and short casual dresses for $20 and up as well as putting their formal dresses on sale for under $100 and $100 to $200.


(For hijabis and non-hijabis alike)

1) Always wear a slip under your dresses.

Slips will keep the goodies covered with dresses with transparent materials and keep the fabric in the garments from sticking to your legs or riding up in uncomfortable ways.
The slip should match the length of the garment that you are wearing.
Ex: Long skirt: Wear a half slip that is long in length.

2) Wear appropriate undergarments.
Wearing control tops, spanx, corset/bustier top and supportive bras can dramatically change the way a garment lays on your body. These undergarments will smooth out lumps and bumps, keep body parts from jiggling in unflattering ways, improve your posture and give your body tone and definition.

Where can you buy them? Check lingerie departments in stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Walmart, JC Penney, Macy's etc.


Umm Amirah said...

great post.
the CORRECT undergarments R key. hijabis should be mindful of not only the garment..but what's underneath!!
B Beautiful

Hanifah Abdul-Baqi said...

Thank you Umm Amirah.
Its very true :)