Thursday, December 26, 2013

Southern Style Inspiration!

We've all seen those Southern Belle costumes in the stores around Halloween time.
They come with those big, dramatic hats and pretty dresses that have those cupcake- like layers with lace trim, bows etc.

Taking inspiration from those costumes, Emerald Brocade Consulting created a look echoing that
Southern femininity and sophistication.
Makeup, Photography: EBC
Model: Mecca Aldeen
*Dress can be found at under "Abal" abaya.

The off-white square headscarf was styled into the Gypsy style hijab with the two tails wrapped around the bun area. A rectangular piece of off-white lace was tied around the front of the scarf as a delicate accent.
An off-white/cream colored turtleneck provided neck coverage for the hijab style and large flower stud earrings complimented the flowery feel.

 For that Southern Belle drama, a large beige and cream woven sunhat was placed atop the head.
The dress was accessorized with two long white beaded necklaces, one doubled up.


A cream clutch completed the look.

*We went shoe-less in the soft grass during this shoot, but you can rock a nice off-white pump or peep toe for this look.

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-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fav Hijab Styles by Guest Blogger Leah V!

This week's Emerald Brocade Consulting blog post is brought to you by Hijabi Fashion Blogger
Leah V
, of Beauty and the Muse.

In this post she will show us her favorite hijab styles, with gorgeous Makeup by
Madinah Muhammad
of Beauty Creations.

An easy construction of a large bow.

A simple, wrapping style for a hijabi on the go.


This hijab style resembles a flower. I used one scarf to recreate this look and used straight pins to secure it in place.


A turban created with two long scarves forming a bun.
Find out more about Leah's hijabi fashion sense at Beauty and the Muse.


-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Emerald Brocade Consulting Styling for House of Gems!

                                                   Emerald Brocade Consulting
                                            styled some hijabi and non-hijabi looks
                                                    featuring jewelry pieces from
                                                            House of Gems!

                                                 Makeup, Photography: EBC
                                          Models: Nawsheen Khan , Nooreen Aleem

                                             Check out the different looks below:

1. The PINK POP LEMONADE wrap bracelet was styled with a hot pink scarf in a traditional simple hijab style with hanging back piece, white long grandfather cardigan and white tote bag for a Classy Casual look.

2. The ABSTRACT DANCE pin was styled with a forest green poncho, blue jeans, caramel colored boots and hobo purse for a Casual Cool  look.

3. The BRIGHT STRIKE hoop earrings were styled with a black scarf in the bun style with black scarf around the neck for neck coverage, lime green long sleeve shirt, black blazer, black harem pants, black buckled boots and black satchel purse for an Urban Edgy look.

4. The SEA'S OF BLUE wrap bracelet was styled with a blue baby doll style dress, black pants, black long sleeve shirt, black boots and navy blue cross body purse for a Feminine, Flirty look.

5. For a slight variation, the EARTH earrings were styled with a cerulean scarf hanging around the neck and then styled in a loose bun style for a Boho Chic look.

6. The FIRE ZEBRA QUEEN necklace was styled with a black peplum dress, black slacks, black clutch purse,  red long sleeve shirt, red pumps and black scarf in the traditional/turkish hijab style for a Classy Sophisticated look.

7. The SWEET CALM SUN hand-painted earrings were styled with a black long sleeve shirt, black newsboy cap, black pants, black boots and coral graphic batsleeve tee for an Urban Boho look.

And it was a wrap!

Find out more about/place an order for  House of Gems jewelry at
Email them at


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-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall/Winter Nail Trends by Guest Blogger Nadira037!

This week's Emerald Brocade Consulting blog post is brought to you by Nadira037: Fashion, Nails, Health & Fitness, DIY/Sewing extraordinaire!

Nail polish is a great way to add that perfect addition to complete your look.

 Nadira037 has put together 5 color trends along with nail art that are perfect for fall and winter.
As a bonus, none of the colors are over $5!

Trend : Army Green

 Polish | KleanColor Fashionista $1 & Seche Vite Top Coat $9 for shine  
Nail Art | add one nail art stud for a simple accent nail

Trend: Deep Purple

Polish | Sinful Colors Inkwell  $2 
 Nail Art | Cut out nail art using Ink Well & KleanColor Coffee Addict $1

Trend | Mesmerizing Metallic

 Polish | Sinful Colors Super Nova $2
Nail Art | Super Nova, Ruby Kisses Black Eutopia  $1 & Milani White on the Spot $5

Trend | Natural Nude

Polish | E.l.f. Nude $3
Nail Art | add chrome gems along the bottom of your nail

Trend | Smoky Grey

Polish | Sinful Colors Jungle Trail $2
Nail Art | Jungle Trail paired with KleanColor Carat $1 applied in a subtle ombre effect


For more nail posts/nail art tutorials follow Nadira's blog here and subscribe to her YouTube channel here
You can also like Nadira037's Facebook page 
keep up with her @nadira037 on Twitter & Instagram.

Nadira037 is also a contestant for the Modest Street Fashion Contest on Facebook.
The winner is determined by the the pic with the most likes and shares.
 Likes are worth 1 point and shares are worth 3
(you can share as many times as you want).
Help her win by clicking the link below, liking and sharing her pic. 
Thank you. 

-Hanifah Abdul-Baqi, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fall Zombie Style Inspiration!

This Fall some of the major trends are:
ponchos/cloaks, crochet pieces, green, leather and combat boots.

Also popular this season is a television show called The Walking Dead,
about the spread of an infectious disease turning normal people into zombies.

Taking inspiration from the above, Emerald Brocade Consulting created a look with Fall elements and zombie flair for Hijabis or non Hijabis alike with modeling/makeup by Saran Djane and photography by EBC

A black velvet scarf was placed on the head with a black crochet hooded scarf on top of it.
The black turtleneck style sweater was paired with a black fleece hooded poncho.

Black beaded bracelets were stacked on one wrist and a long black beaded necklace was wrapped multiple times on the other wrist.

A black leather crossbody bag was placed on the body.

Green straight leg pants and black combat boots completed the ensemble.

...And it was a wrap!

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-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting

Monday, November 11, 2013

3 Ways to Stay A Stylish Mommy!

Notice the title of this post is "... stay a stylish mommy."
Sure, you can get a nice makeover, but that is only temporary.
For long-term Fabulous, you have to keep it up.
These 3 tips can help...

Because if you no longer have it, you can't wear it.
What isn't wearable?
Items that are not wearable are...items that do not fit properly,  that do not flatter you, that are in poor condition or items that you simply just do not love.
Yes, it's time to get rid of those jeans that cut off your circulation, that shirt that makes you look pregnant and those beat-up shoes. Bid them all adieu, please. Donate it, sell it or trash it if necessary.

A functional wardrobe must be 100% wearable and you should love every single thing in your closet.
Imagine how much easier and enjoyable getting dressed would be if everything you owned was fabulous,  looked amazing on you and you actually felt good in it.
Yes! That is how it should be.


The key to not looking like a hot mess, even when you are rushing, is preparation.
I cannot stress this enough, ladies.
You should not have to take forever to get dressed.
Taking the time to prepare complete outfits saves time, energy and guarantees that even if nothing else goes right that day, you will at least look great.
Plan outfits (and have hair/hijab style in mind) at least the night before including clothing, accessories, shoes and hang them up in the closet on a hanger (with shoes under) or lay it out on a chair if that is easier -whether it is for work, a special occasion or even just running errands.


When you become a mother, your priorities change...understandably so.
You think of the children first most of the time and want them to have the best of everything.
However, it is also important for you to have great things too(not necessarily expensive stuff, just great stuff)
Yes, Mommy Life is busy, but you don't have to look like you are about to run a marathon all the time.

So go ahead... wear those awesome jeans with the great fit instead of those jogging pants or sweats,
rock those cute ballet flats instead of those sneakers,
get that sexy bra, panties and lingerie instead of that sports bra, granny panty and flannel pajamas,
purchase that tinted lip gloss or pop lip color instead of the chapstick or lip balm, 
take the time to wash your face, moisturize your skin, put on a little makeup if you are in the mood and please, please do your hair or rock a cute scarf style.

It is easy to put ourselves on the back burner, but it is not healthy for our self-esteem.
You need to feel great when you glance at your reflection in the car window or that side mirror where the veggies are in the produce aisle at the grocery store.

Also, as mothers,we can be one of the biggest influences and role models in our children's lives.
They need to see that Mommy loves herself and is confident and secure.

Not feeling great about your post-baby body? Not at your goal weight?
That's ok. These things take time to work on...and that's what Spanx are for.

Need help getting your Fabulous Mommy wardrobe together?
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-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting 

Friday, June 7, 2013

5 MUST-HAVES for Summer : #5!

The end of the list...

MUST-HAVE # 5: A Summer Glow

To top off your summer ensemble, you gotta have your summer glow.

What do I mean by that?
I mean, beautiful glowing skin.
In the winter, skin is more prone to dryness, ashiness and dullness due to the weather.

However, in the summer time , the sun kisses the skin with a tan and sometimes the heat makes us sweat, which actually is good to get impurities out etc.

To get a nice summer glow, keep your skin clean, protected and moisturized (sunscreen and exfoliation is important )
Lotions and creams with a little shimmer and/or tint in them are nice, as long as they aren't the ones that rub off on everything. 
If you wear makeup, illuminating powders , highlighters and soft blushes are good as well as lightweight foundations and powders that match your skin color to enhance your natural beauty. 

Also, remember that lovely skin begins with the inside, so drink lots of water and eat healthy...and don't forget to smile :)

-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 MUST-HAVES for Summer: #4!

The list continues...

MUST-HAVE # 4: Flip Flops!

Yes y'all, Flip Flops.
But not the dollar store kind that you just use for questionable showers or those cheap pairs to slip your feet in real quick at home.

I'm talking about the platform, wedge or  ones with small heels, bejeweled or printed, relatively quality flip flops. 
If you are going to rock flip flops, they have to be right!

Why Flip Flops Though? Cuz It's Hot!
Sometimes you want your feet to be able to breathe a little more on really hot days or you just want a more laid- back, casual yet cute look that's fast and easy.

Looking for really cute flip flops?
Not sure which style is for you?
Contact EBC!

-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

5 MUST-HAVES for Summer: #3!

The list continues...

MUST-HAVE #3: Sunglasses!

Sunglasses, or "Sunnies" as Rachel Zoe says, are an absolute must-have!

Because not only will they keep your eyes shaded from the sun, they instantly bump you up in Style Status.
There's something about sunglasses, whether aviator, bug eye" Nicole Richie style etc, that say "I'm Fly."

No makeup today? No Problem!
Tired eyes or just feel like being incognito today ? No problem. 

Charlotte Russe or Chanel, Bust out the Sunnies within your budget!

Looking for sunglasses that fit your face?
Need help finding Sunnies within your budget?
Contact EBC!
Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant 
Emerald Brocade Consulting 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 MUST- HAVES for Summer: #2!

The list continues...

MUST-HAVE #2: Sun Hats!

Yes, it's a must, especially on the days when the sun is absolutely blazing and you will be out in it.
A wide sun hat is icing on the cake for a great warm weather outfit.
It adds that extra dash of fabulous like "Yes Honey". 

Relatively flat or low hair/hijab styles are necessary for wearing hats.
Please, also make sure it matches/complements your outfit. 

Can they be worn inside ?
Yes, if the occasion calls for it.
Some formal events/occasions are big hat friendly. 

Looking for sun hats?
Need help picking the right sun hat for your outfit?
Contact EBC!

-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 MUST-HAVES for Summer: #1!

Summer is upon us and the fabulous warm weather fashion is out!

Emerald Brocade Consulting recommends 5 MUST-HAVES for this season, each of which will be highlighted over the next five days...

MUST-HAVE # 1: Maxi Dresses!

Can't talk about summer must-haves and not mention the coveted maxi dress!
A breezy maxi dress in a beautiful color or print paired with sandals or flip flops is perfect for the warm weather .
*The fabric of the dress dictates whether it is for day or evening wear/the occasion it would be appropriate for.

Have a maxi dress that you aren't sure how to wear? 
Need a maxi dress but don't know which style flatters you?
Contact EBC! 

-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2: FAB or FAIL?

And now for the second installment of Spring 2013 Fashion Trends!
Some are fabulous and some fell flat...

TANGERINE: FAB with caution
This hot orangy color is definitely that pop of color that will set an outfit off.
It looks great with neutrals like beige and navy .
*Pairing with black can look too Halloween-ish sometimes, so be careful of that.
*As always with colors that aren't neutrals , don't do it more than 2 ways, heavily, in an ensemble.

Hijabi? Yes!

HI-LOW: Slightly FAB
This popular fashion forward trend is a tricky one because it can look really great when done well or really weird when not, it is really a case-by-case basis.
*DO pair the long hi low garments like long dresses and long skirts with long skirts in complimentary or matching volumes, colors and prints.
We want to look like elegant ladies,not men from the 18th century.
Pants just don't look right and bare legs just look peekaboo scandalous.

Hijabi? Sure, with a long skirt layered under as stated above.

** Contact EBC for advice about specific hi low garments because not all hi low are wearable.

Crop tops should have stayed in the past .
They look distasteful, like you ran out of fabric for your shirt or you flew into a rage and cut up a t shirt.
Layering a shirt under makes it even more tacky too.

I don't know who started the bra top trend, but they should stop.
It looks like you put your Demi bra on and didn't finish getting dressed.
Walk around in your bra at home, not in public.

Baring midriff isn't cute and less is not always more in this case.
Stop the madness.

Hijabi? We won't even go there....

This genius invention is great because you can get your sporty/casual/comfortable look with a little fabulous thrown in.
They come in a variety of colors so have fun with it but be sure to wear them with the appropriate outfit.
* No fancy attire with wedge sneakers please.

Hijabi? Go for it!

BLOUSES: FAB with caution
Blouses that are in this spring are made of flowy, lightweight materials and are in beautiful colors.
Rock them tucked into pants and skirts for a classic feminine look.
*Be sure to layer if they are transparent though, because visible bra straps aren't cute.

Hijabi? Absolutely...
If you tuck the blouse into a skirt with a fitted waist,( or if you are tucking into pants/jeans) put on a jacket or cardigan over the blouse (worn open or closed) to cover a snug bottom.

...And that's a wrap!

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