Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 MUST- HAVES for Summer: #2!

The list continues...

MUST-HAVE #2: Sun Hats!

Yes, it's a must, especially on the days when the sun is absolutely blazing and you will be out in it.
A wide sun hat is icing on the cake for a great warm weather outfit.
It adds that extra dash of fabulous like "Yes Honey". 

Relatively flat or low hair/hijab styles are necessary for wearing hats.
Please, also make sure it matches/complements your outfit. 

Can they be worn inside ?
Yes, if the occasion calls for it.
Some formal events/occasions are big hat friendly. 

Looking for sun hats?
Need help picking the right sun hat for your outfit?
Contact EBC!

-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 MUST-HAVES for Summer: #1!

Summer is upon us and the fabulous warm weather fashion is out!

Emerald Brocade Consulting recommends 5 MUST-HAVES for this season, each of which will be highlighted over the next five days...

MUST-HAVE # 1: Maxi Dresses!

Can't talk about summer must-haves and not mention the coveted maxi dress!
A breezy maxi dress in a beautiful color or print paired with sandals or flip flops is perfect for the warm weather .
*The fabric of the dress dictates whether it is for day or evening wear/the occasion it would be appropriate for.

Have a maxi dress that you aren't sure how to wear? 
Need a maxi dress but don't know which style flatters you?
Contact EBC! 

-Hanifah Ashry, Fashion Consultant
Emerald Brocade Consulting